Vision II Pro

Product Description

Image Processing Headlamp Aimer is the latest example of American Aimers commitment to deliver the most advanced aiming technology to the automotive aftermarket. Built on the proven concept of the Vision I Imaging Headlamp Aimer, we have developed a tool for today’s VOL/VOR/LOW/HIGH/FOG headlight aim patterns.

The Vision II Pro’s smart design makes it expandable for headlight algorithms of the future and for new hardware and software upgrades as they become available. Engineered with speed, accuracy and quality in mind, the Vision II Pro will be a profitable investment for years to come.

• Color LCD Display: allows for bright detailed images and easy to read text. Built in menus and help screens assist the operator with step by step aiming instructions

• Language Selection: built in the main menu is a screen that allows you to choose English, Spanish or French as a preferred language

• Aim Lamps Screen: allows the operator to select the style of headlight to be aimed VOL/VOR/LOW/HIGH/FOG

• Automatic Floor Slope: built in digital level allows for quick bay changes. Simply change the Bay number in the Bay settings screen and the aimer software will automatically figure the floor slope offset
• Automatic Positioning: using laser technology and position sensors the software automatically compensates for vehicle misalignment

• System Calibration Check: performs diagnostics check to verify the aimer calibration is in specification. Ideal for inspection stations

Carton 1-Aim Head
Dimensions L 23” x W 21” x H 20”
Weight: 27 lbs.

Carton 2-Base
Dimensions L 36” x W 9” x H 5”
Weight: 34 lbs.

Carton 3-Mast
Dimensions L 67” x W 6” x H 5”
Weight: 36 lbs.
Meets SAE J-600 Specifications

Vision II Pro: Image Processing Aimer
Part# 82002

With VOL/VOR Headlight Aiming software. Includes: alignment track and Battery Charger.

Aiming Height Max: 55.00”
Aiming Height Min: 11.00”

Ships in 3 separate cartons
Total ship weight: 97 lbs

Approved for use in all State inspection programs including: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania,Hawaii & California.